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If you are a SAAB entusiast that have a Sharkfin/Antenna that's past the glorydays, wait no more!
We have tried out 3 different versions of a replacement shell, in the shape of some SAAB aeroplane heritage.
Draken, Viggen and Gripen can now be picked too your chart!


You MUST now what kind of Antenna base you have on your SAAB because the plane will be mounted on your own baseplate and they differ between dummy or phone base. Wrong base choice and the screws WILL NOT FIT


Make sure you know what yours look like and compare with the pictures in the description.

Do you have a differente antenna base. Please contact us.

Antenna (Shark Fin) Replacement Saab 9-5/9-3

399,00 krPrice
  • The plane comes glued together and in raw PETG plastic with holes for the baseplate you choose. The plastic is resistent to UV-light and chemicals but we still recommend that it gets a layer of color and clearcoat for best long time result.

    The planes in some of the photos are painted with a base coat of color the product you buy will not be painted! 

  • The plane have been tested in an automatic car wash and survived but we do not recommend this metod of cleaning due to that all washers are different and the planes wings are quite slim.

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