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Sooner or later your saabs old hood emblem will start to fade and loose it's color.

So why not change it up with our new hood plane!


The plane and emblem-seat are merged together with a magnet so you can easily change or remove the plane to fit all situations.

Ex. Prevent stealing Automatic Washing,Clearing snow,Yearly car inspection and (soon to arrive) differente plane models.


The plane and  emblem-seat will be delivered "raw" with only a few finishing touches from us.

Some tiny dimples and layerlines will  occur.

These are easily removed with some wet sanding.
The plane will require paint to shield it from UV rays and protect it from the weather.


Everything you need to mount the emblem is included.
-Two magnets
-Double-sided tape

Hood Emblem 9³ 08-12

450,00 krPrice
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